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735 N. Milwaukee Ave. Unit C Lake Villa, IL 60046  

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735 N. Milwaukee Ave. Unit C Lake Villa, IL 60046

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Restoring ClassicsRestoration Body Shop

Restoring classics and muscle cars is a rewarding experience for both the client and our shop.

We are more than just a body shop, we are car enthusiasts.

Meaning yes we have to charge clients but, it’s ultimately the love of the cars that motivates us deep down.

Restoration work require meticulous attention to detail, depending on the type of restoration and the intended use of the car (show or street), the value of the finished car and our clients budget will determine just how meticulous the project gets.  Replicating every aspect of the car as it looked rolling off the assembly line the day it was produced requires a unique attention to detail, right down to the torque markings on the bolt heads.  Not everyone requires this level of restoration for their classic car, but it’s here if you need it.

We employ many different levels of restoration, sometimes restoring the surface of the car is enough to accomplish your goals, other times it could be frame off and complete disassembly.  We learn these goals from you during the consultation.

Purchasing a classic car to have it restored is a big step and can be a major investment.  We found a great checklist to help.  Using a checklist will give you an idea what to look for in a potential restoration investment.

“Takes a special Shop to Restore a Special car”

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