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735 N. Milwaukee Ave. Unit C Lake Villa, IL 60046  

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735 N. Milwaukee Ave. Unit C Lake Villa, IL 60046

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Custom Paint WorkHail Damage Repair

Hail damage typically occurs certain times of the year, our shop provides free estimates for all insurance claims.

As a collision, custom and restoration body shop we also provide hail damage repair from simple to more complex as pictured.  There’s no book time for hail damage, it veries and requires judgment item estimates by the insurance adjuster and the body shop.  Judgment items are estimated times based on the judgment of the person writing the estimate, typically when they're used, book times are not available like replacing a fender for instance, judgment items are based solely on the experience of the shop an the adjuster with the insurance company.

The complexities with hail damage includes metal stretching, sometimes paintless dent removal companies are more than capable of repairing it, but for deep dents (as pictured), when the metal has been stretched, it requires a full fledged body shop like us to repair.

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